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Ishihara Etsuro and ZEIT-FOTO SALON Archives

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本アーカイブズは、2018年3月に「石原悦郎とツァイト・フォト・サロン アーカイブ  プロジェクト」として開始致しました。石原悦郎(1941〜2016)と、石原が創設したツァイト・フォト・サロンの記録と記憶を残すことを目的としています。






I & ZF Archivesでは、石原悦郎及びツァイト・フォト・サロンからの手紙の収集に向けて、呼びかけを行わせていただきたいと思います。もし、お手元に石原悦郎そしてツァイト・フォト・サロンからの手紙や関係資料をお持ちでしたら、ご一報くださいませ。


This archives began in March 2018 as the "Etsuro Ishihara and ZEIT-FOTO SALON Archive Project." Its purpose is to preserve the records and memories of Etsuro Ishihara (1941-2016) and the ZEIT-FOTO SALON he founded.

The main contents of the archive consist primarily of a vast collection of letters received by Ishihara from photographers, museums, and art-related individuals, as well as these letters, private snapshot photographs, exhibition direct mailings, interviews, magazine articles, and more.

From November 2018 to December 2021, we conducted this project as part of the DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion's Academic Research Grant on Graphic Culture (2018-19 fiscal years). With the generous support received over this extended period, we were able to record and digitize approximately 1600 letters. Currently, we are in the process of conducting a trial operation for the practical utilization of this archive and have begun requesting cooperation from the writers who are the senders of these letters.

Furthermore, organizing materials related to writers, such as the discovery of new letters and press releases, has become a new challenge, and we are progressing with their registration and digitization.

While these materials hold significant historical value, particularly the letters, which are mostly one-way correspondence, it is often challenging to discern Ishihara's responses to the senders.

We would like to appeal for contributions of letters and related materials from Etsuro Ishihara and ZEIT-FOTO SALON. If you possess any such materials, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Furthermore, from January 2023, we will conduct research on the operation of the archive with the support of grants from the Toshiaki Ogasawara Memorial Foundation for research and investigation.

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