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1963@Born in Fukui, Japan
1987@Graduated from Waseda University, School of Political Science and Economics
2006@The 31th Kimura Ihei Commemorative Photography Award

< Solo Exhibitions >

2010@gAn Ignition PointhZEIT-FOTO SALON, Tokyo
2010@gIkigaah gallery rougheryet, Okinawa, Japan
2010@gViva World Cup ! h totodo, Tokyo

2009@gwith meh NADiff a/p/a/r/t, Tokyo
2009@gOpen Studio 46th -Document, Memory, and SomethinghFuchu Art Museum, Tokyo
2009@gHana-machi-bitoh GALLERY M, Aichi, Japan

2008@gPara-Parah Zeit-Foto Salon ,Tokyo
2008@gYuragih CALM & PUNK GALLERY,Tokyo
2008@gakano, Ryudai's Daily Photosh Yumiko Chiba Associates Viewing room,Tokyo

2007 @"Everyday Photo" lammfromm the conceptstore
2008@gakano, Ryudai's Daily Photosh GALLERY at lammfromm,Tokyo

2006-2007g In My Room h GALLERY M ,Aichi,Japan

2006@g In My Room h NADiff ,Tokyo
2006@g How to contact with a man hZEIT-FOTO SALON, Tokyo
2006@gThe 31th Kimura Ihei Commeorative Photography Award Exhibition In My
2006@@RoomhZEIT-FOTO SALON, Tokyo

2005@g Common Sense h ZEIT-FOTO SALON ,Tokyo

2002@g Twelve Messengers hZEIT-FOTO SALON ,Tokyo

2001@g Naked, for Example h   il tempo ,Tokyo

2000@g Reclining Woo-Man h ZEIT-FOTO SALON, Tokyo
2000@g h   gallery mai,Tokyo

1999@g Human Body 1/1 h ZEIT-FOTO SALON ,Tokyo

1996@g Gathering Bodies hil tempo ,Tokyo

1995@g Pornography hHiranagachobashi Gallery Tokyo , Japan

1994@g The Specimen of a Woman hHiranagachobashi Gallery ,Tokyo
1994@g Nippon h Konica Plaza ,Tokyo

< Group Exhibitions >

2011@gMODERNITY STRIPPED BAREh University of Maryland,Washington, D.C., U.S

2010@gDazzling, Garando^ (Dazzling, Hollowness)h The UniversityArt Museum,Tokyo
2010 @University of theArts, Tokyo
2011@gPhoto Secession TokyohNADiff GALLERY, Tokyo
2011@gSnapshots Cast Their SpellRadiant Momentsh Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of
2011@ Photography, Tokyo
2011@gBeyond The Borderh Tangram Art Center, Shanghai(China)
2011@gThe 35yerar Anniversary Exhibition of the KIMURA IHEI Photography
2010@ AwardhKAWASAKI City Museum, Kanagawa
2010@gLook at me! Portrait photographs of nudehTokyo Metropolitan Museum of
2010@Photography, Tokyo

2009-2010@gWhen I Love You and When I Hate Youh Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art
2009-2010@Museum, Okinawa, Japan

2009@gJiro Takamatsu | Ryudai Takano PHOTOGRAPH and Photographh Dazaifu Tenmangu
2009@Houmotsuden, Fukuoka, Japan
2009@gJapan meets China | Our Future reflected in Contemporary Art,hTochigi Prefectural
2009@Museum of Fine Arts, Tochigi, Japan

2008@"Still / Motion" Mie Prefactural Art Museum,Mie/ The National Museum of Art, Osaka/
2008@Tokyo Metropolitan Musem of Photography,Tokyo
2008@"Ryudai Takano x Koji Onaka / Shanghai two show" Gallery kaido, Tokyo National
2008@Museum of Art, Osaka, Japan
2008@"Backlight 2008 Tickle Attack 8th International Photography Triennial"Exhibition
2008@Centre TR1, Tampere,Finland etc.
2008@"The history of art and city -Paris, New York, Tokyoand Shanghai-"Sendai
2008@Mediatheque^Miyagi, japan
2008@"Degu Photo Biennale 2008"EXCO Degu Exhibition &Convention Center, Degu(Korea)
2008@"PARIS PHOTO 2008h CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE, Paris, France

2007@Art Fair g Art@Agnes2007 h The Agnes Hotel and Apartments, Tokyo
2007@"A Private History"Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen(Denmark)^VB-
2008@VALOKUVAKESKUS, Kuopio(Finland) etc.
2007@"Japan Caunght by Camera - Works from the photographic Art in Japan" Shanghai Art
2008@"Japan Contemporary Art Festival"փC|p, Heyri(Korea)

2005@ "out of ordinary / extraordinary : Japanese Contemporary Photography"Museum fuer
2005@Ostasiatische Kunst (Berlin, Germany, Casa Asia, Barcelona, Spain, etc.)
2005@"85/05 :The photography beyond 20 years from Tsukuba Museum of Photography 1985
2005@sendai mediatheque ,Miyagi , Japan
2005@"Post Gender" Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art , Haifa , Israel

2004@"Metamorphosis of the Everyday " The Museum of Modern Art ,Gunma ,Japan

2003@"Musk of Japan: Japanese Contemporary Photography " aura gallery Shanghai, China

2002@"Kiss in the Dark : Contemporary Japanese Photography " Marugame Genichiro-
2002@Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, Kagawa , Japan
2002@"Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition " Turkish Japanese Foundation Cultural Center,
2002@Ankara , Turkey, etc

2001@"Kiss in the Dark : Contemporary Japanese Photography"Tokyo Metropolitan Museum
2001@of Photography Tokyo

2000@" The Vision of Contemporary Art (VOCA) 2000 "@The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo

< Public Collections >

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
The Japan Foundation
Kawasaki City Museum
Dazaifu Tenmangu Collection

< Photo Book of own Works >

gIn My Room,h Photo Book of Ryudai Takano Works, Sokyu-sha, March 17, 2005
gRyudai Takano 1993-1996,h Photo Book of Ryudai Takano Works, Sokyu-sha, September 30, 2006
gPara Para@Maria, Toshihisa,h@ Akio Nagasawa Publishing, April 28, 2009
gPara Para@ Soft ice cream, Tooth brushing, h Akio Nagasawa Publishing, April 28, 2009
gHow to contact a man, h Akio Nagasawa Publishing, October 16, 2009
gKasubabah Daiwa Press, January 1, 2011

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